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Decorating with RED (color)

Posted by Zena Arnella on October 31, 2010 at 12:17 AM

A client asked me to help her decor her house with red as her main dominant color.


Red feels exciting and is associated with:

- power

- passion, courtship and love

- dominance

- activity

- youthfulness

- impulse

- intensity


Red is also a grounding color and can make you feel secure. You've no doubt heard of "seeing the world through rose-colored glasses," meaning that everything seems fine when viewed through these magic lenses. One medical study has gone so far as to suggest that chickens seeing red during the day are happier. And there's even a company that markets red contact lenses for chickens! Supposedly, these rose-colored glasses make them produce more eggs.


The Pros and Cons of Red

Then there's the evil twin of red, which can bring out rage, confrontation, fierceness, aggressiveness and bloody messes. But that bloodiness isn't always bad, because red can be connected to life and living, which we automatically associate with life-blood. Red has been known to raise blood pressure. In casinos, red is widely used so that people will stay and continue to gamble, not realizing that time is flying by. And red supposedly stimulates appetites so it is often used in restaurants. It is also a color that demands attention. You see it in warning lights, fire engines and hydrants.


How to Use Red in a Room

Red will wake up a room. It should be used as an accent in accessories, part of a pattern in upholstery or one impressive chair or bench. Red is a good color to have in a nursery because it stimulates and aids the development of neural connections in an infant's brain. Be wary of painting an entire room in red because it may prove too stimulating.


Enjoy it plenty.



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