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Decorating with ORANGE (color)

Posted by Zena Arnella on November 30, 2010 at 12:27 AM

Most clients also ask on intense colors such as orange.


Orange feels citrus-y and is associated with:

- fun

- energy

- excitement

- joy

- enthusiasm

- fall and the harvest

- stimulation


You'd think orange would be comfortable in its own skin, but is has an identity crisis. It's always in second place after red. It's also the natural color of fire, but red is the name used to symbolize it. Orange is not as aggressive as red, but is a stimulating color, said to increase oxygen supply to the brain and promote mental activity.


The Pros and Cons of Orange

Orange represents excitement and can be stimulating. It can make you feel like hurrying, which is why it's usually used in fast-food places and quick-mart-type stores. They want you in and out quickly, so the smart store designers use orange to facilitate that.


How to Use Orange in a Room

Orange is good as an accent color coupled with brown or yellow. For use in a home, rust is the better shade as it is easier on the eye. Orange also stimulates appetite, so use with caution in the dining room or kitchen!


Do no be afraid to express your personality with vibrant colors.



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