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The White Pillow Concept         

I would like to share with you my White Pillow Concept®.  Now that I have collected more experiences, I feel more confident of what an innocent gesture became.


Today, White Pillow is any place where you can retreat to rest feeling wealthy and peaceful. It is a desire to be well and better by feeling freedom that is achieved if there is harmony and positive thinking. 


Now that you encounter this new project, you should know how to target your property to maximize your investment. Explore with me all mystery and subliminal messaging White Pillow has to offer by carefully placing each object at strategic locations.  


Watch how perception and positive attitude make your business equally succeed when you are enriched and in balance.  


Three doors with three different outcomes. Perception changes ALL. 


 Creates a sense of community and sharing!!!


* Stress Relief

* Wealth & Peace

* Creative Thinking 

* Relaxation & Serenity




Background of The Term "White Pillow"

This concept was created by Zena Armella in 1997 while doing voluntary work at the Senate of the Colombian Government.  The extensive schedule of the job itself kept most of the senators, diplomats, assistants, secretaries, etc. wondering how to take a quick nap before going to face with long law-debates. On August 16, 1997, Zena brought a tiny white pillow and started to pass it among all; so each one could lean their head for few minutes.  It became so popular that everyone knew about it that named her “The White Pillow Girl.” “The White Pillow Girl” received many compliments from the highest spheres for it was actually a sense of community, integration and serenity.   


Photos: Colombian Senate * Plaza Bolivar * Capitolio Nacional

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